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4 Tips For Arranging Flowers Like a Pro

Whether you are creating a centrepiece, a gift, or styling for a party, these tips will help give your blooms a polished look.


  • Shop at your local florist. They have knowledge, the best selection, and most often, higher quality blooms. Plus, you’ll be supporting a business in your community.

  • Bring your vase to the flower shop with you. Having it on hand prevents you from buying too many, or not enough, blooms. If it’s too heavy or awkward to bring along, measure the total height and the diameter and bring that info with you instead.

  • Select flowers in similar colours, in three different sizes, along with one or two types of greenery for an easy, no-fail formula.


  • Cut flowers on an angle as soon as you get them home (even if you aren’t creating the arrangement right away) and immediately place them in water.

  • Use clippers or sharp scissors.Place flowers in room temperature water (think of flowers like us taking a bath….we don’t love too hot or too cold).

  • If you want blooms to open faster, try placing them in warm water.Store flowers in a cool space until creating the arrangement.


  • If using oasis to arrange flowers (I prefer it because it allows you to experiment with shape and form), trim it to fit your vase, then soak it in water until fully saturated. Set it in place in the vase.

  • If you remove a flower to set it in the oasis again, do not use the same hole (it will not drink because it is no longer sealed tightly in place).

  • Keep the scale of the vase in mind, typically blooms should not be more than 1.5 times the height of the container.

  • Start with largest flowers, turning the arrangement as you go, add the next largest blooms, and so on. Fill in gaps and adding height with greenery, berries or small flowers like wax flowers.


  • If your arrangement will be in displayed in water, use the nutrient packet, change the water every other day and trim all leaves below the water line to prevent bacteria build-up.

  • If using oasis, test it every day with your finger. Add water as needed.When some blooms are fading, transport the still fresh-looking flowers and greenery to a smaller vase to create a new arrangement.

Watch more flower arranging tips on Cityline.

xo Sarah

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