Four Reasons a Smart Thermostat is Worth the Investment

Have you been warming up to the idea of swapping your old-school thermostat for a smart one? Here are four reasons to give your dated device the cold shoulder.

1. Save Money and Energy

One perk of a smart thermostat is that you’ll save on heating and cooling costs. Depending on which model you choose, those savings can reach as high as 23%. You can even monitor how energy use has changed over time by checking the energy reports collected by the thermostat.

2. It Adapts to Your Routine

Many smart thermostats use sensors that detect when you’re home, so it can learn and adapt automatically to your schedule. When you program temperatures for different times of day (when you wake up, leave to work, go to sleep) the thermostat will learn when it needs to start heating or cooling to achieve those temperature changes at the programmed times. This means less spikes in hot and cold temperatures.

3. Control it From Anywhere

Whether you are snuggled under a blanket on the couch, out for the day, or away on vacation, the thermostat can be controlled with smart devices or on your phone. You can monitor and adjust temperature settings easily with voice command technology or on the device’s app.

4. Get a Rebate

Enbridge Gas customers can save instantly on edible Google Nest, ecobee, Emerson Sensi and Honeywell Hone models. Discount codes can be redeemed on manufacturer websites or in-store at Home Depot. The $75 discount must be applied at the time of purchase—it cannot be used after purchase. To qualify, you mist be an Enbridge Gas customer in Ontario.

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