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Every one of these four destinations is given to a particular god. Yamunotri is devoted to the Goddess Yamuna who comes the travelers to the high heights of the pleasant Rawai Valley. It is accepted that a shower in the waters of the Yamuna shields the aficionado from awkward demise. Gangotri is committed to the Goddess Ganga. The hallowed place disregards the River Bhagirathi, one more name of River Ganga – the name having been gotten from the legend of the old King Bhagirath’s retribution that prevailed with regards to bringing her upon the earth from the paradise. Kedarnath is committed to Lord Shiva and is additionally a piece of the Panch Kedar. It is the northernmost Jyotirlinga and is near the wellspring of the heavenly River Mandakini. Badrinath is committed to Lord Vishnu. It is arranged on the bank of the River Alaknanda. As indicated by legend, Lord Vishnu thought here while his associate Lakshmi appeared as a berry (Badri) tree to offer him conceal.

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